It is very difficult as a native English speaker to be truly immersed in a foreign language. So many people around the world either speak English well or are determined to practice their English any time they have contact with a native speaker. That leaves you, the native English speaker, without your own practice of a new tongue. This immersion trip is an opportunity for a deep dive into the language, no English allowed (except of course in emergencies).

Spanish doesn’t only exist in the classroom. We will be practicing our language skills all day, every day of the retreat both in class and during our cultural events and excursions. We will even be taking our daily yoga classes in Spanish!

The immersion retreat is going to be a quite an epic trip. We are looking forward to a fun, learning-filled week in Lima!

What to Expect?

All About The Language

First and foremost, expect to be completely, 100% immersed in Spanish.  In fact, no English will be allowed (except of course in emergency situations).

In order to qualify for this retreat we ask that people have a basic intermediate level of Spanish when they sign up.  The total immersion experience might be a bit too overwhelming for someone who has never had Spanish before.  If you have any doubts or questions about your level of Spanish or if you want some extra practice before the retreat, please contact us at Sacred Retreats Peru.  We will get you in touch with Santiago, our Spanish teacher and grammar master.  He will be able to guide you about whether or not this retreat is a good step for your Spanish language path.

Arrival and Departure Dates

Our trip will begin in Lima on the 11th of July.  It will end a week later on the 18th of July.  You´ll buy your international flight and meet us in Lima on the 11th.  Someone from Sacred Retreats Peru will be waiting for you at the Lima airport to pick you up and take you back to our accommodations.

Our Amazing Accommodations

During our retreat we will be staying at La Casa Roja.  It´s a big, beautiful red house in the middle of a Lima district called Miraflores.  Miraflores is right on the pacific coast and is a beautiful and green part of our lovely desert city Lima.  Did you know that Lima is the 2nd most populated desert city after Cairo?!  Don´t worry, it doesn´t actually feel like a desert, especially in humid Miraflores.

A Day In The Life

Most mornings we will wake up early for an 8 a.m. breakfast at La Casa Roja.  After that we will have a 2 hour Spanish class with Santiago.  No need to be worried about 2 hours of class. Santiago makes the content super fun!  2 hours will go by very quickly, and you´ll speak so much better after having a solid foundation of grammar, vocabuarly, and sentence structure.

After Spanish class, we will head over to a beautiful yoga space called La Casa Ninfa for our morning yoga class with the incredible yogi Omar Ananías. Omar is planning a variety of yoga asana classes for our group.  Some classes will be little more active and some a little more restorative.  All yoga levels will be accommodated for so if you are a beginner, don´t let the yoga scare your away!   You´ll leave feeling much more knowledgable and experienced in the practice of yoga after our week together.

After yoga class, we will head back to the Casa Roja for lunch and then get ready for the afternoon´s activities.  Every afternoon will look a bit different.  We may be taking a dance class or volunteering with Fundación Yoga Peru.  We may taking a tour of Lima´s anceint ruins, listening to storys in a storytelling event, or singing along to kirtan.  The trip is going to be very special and unique.!

At night we´ll have several fun activities planned after dinner.  Some nights will be free for you to explore Miraflores and other neighborhoods in Lima.  We´ll go to bed early since our days are so full.  We´ll need lots of rest.

Weather in Lima

Don´t forget that Lima it´s wintertime in July and even though it doesn´t get too cold there (around 60 degrees F), it will be wise to layer and bring some warm sweaters especially for the evening.  We´ll have more detailed trip information for you once you sign up!

See You in Perú

It´s going to be a full week and a very authentic dive right into the middle of Peruvian culture.  We hope you can join us for yoga, lots of Spanish, and many adventures for our immersion retreat in Lima!

What’s Included:

  • All accomodations and meals for the entire retreat
  • Ground transportation in Peru
  • Daily 2 hour Spanish grammar classes with Santiago
  • Daily 1.5 hour yoga asana class (in Spanish of course) with Omar
  • A day trip to CARAL, the oldest center of civilization in the Americas with Jose
  • Volunteer work with the non-profit Fundación Yoga Perú (part of the trip cost goes to the Foundation)
  • Classes in Peruvian music and dance
  • Sacred sound ceremonies in Pachacamac, a pre-incan ceremonial complex
  • Storytelling event, kirtan, visits to Lima´s ancient ruins and so much more!
  • All in Spanish!

Please note: The meals for this retreat will be vegetarian. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.





Is international flight included in the retreat price?
No you´ll have to buy your ticket to and from Lima, but once you touch ground in Peru you´ll be taken care of completely. To see what´s included in the retreat price, click on the Included tab.

What travel documents do I need?
You will need to bring your passport with you on journey. US citizens do NOT need to apply for a visa before entering Peru. If you are citizen of another country, please check with your own country´s passport/visa requirements with regards to Peru. We recommend making a copy of your passport to leave at home with your family and a copy to bring with you in your suitcase. It´s also a good idea to have a waterproof passport case for storage during your travels.

What will I eat on my retreat?
For this retreat the majority of our meals will be eaten at the Casa Roja where we are staying. The Casa Roja only offers lacto-vegetarian food. If you have specific dietary needs, please let us know ASAP. We may or may not be able to accommodate. We will do our best!

What will the weather be like?
Peru has a wide variety of climates, depending on the time of year and on the region of the country where you are traveling. Lonely Planet offers a comprehensive explanation of what you can expect weather-wise during your travels. Peru Weather. It will be winter in Lima in July. It´s not too cold but it will be important to bring layers…sweaters, jeans, long yoga pants, a scarf, etc.

What if something comes up and I can´t make the trip last-minute?
Sacred Retreats Peru has a non-refundable deposit of 500 USD to hold your spot for this retreat. If you cancel before 60 days prior to the retreat, your trip will be refunded minus the 500 USD non-refundable deposit. If you cancel your journey within 60 days to the retreat, the cost of the trip will not be refunded but can be used as a credit for future travel with Sacred Retreats Peru. The non-refundable deposit is not part of that credit.

What about bringing money?
It´s always a good idea to have extra cash on hand when you travel. For the retreats you may want to buy snacks and souvenirs that are not included in our trip price. ATMS are widely available and make it easy to take out money. Check with your bank to see what your fees will be for international ATM withdrawals. Also, make sure your bank knows that you will be out of the country and to make a note on your account. It´s a good idea to leave the extra cards, like gas cards and store credit cards, at home. Streamline your wallet. If you have Bank of America, you can take out cash with no fees from Scotia Bank ATMS; they are all over Peru.

Should I buy travel insurance?
We do not provide travel insurance but highly recommend buying a plan with World Nomads or another reputable company that you feel comfortable buying from.




Katie is the founder of Sacred Retreats Peru and your trip organizer. Even though she was born a gringuita, she has a Peruvian soul and is looking forward to sharing the magic of the country with the retreat participants. Katie herself has lived and worked in Lima and knows the city well.

Santiago is a teacher extraordinaire. He is from Spain and currently lives in New Orleans, LA where he teachers Spanish to students of all ages. Santiago is incredible at making complex subjects more understable, and he will be our grammar sergeant throughout the week, keeping us in check so that our oral Spanish improves, and we speak clearly and grammatically correct.

Omar is a fearless yogi changing the world one yoga class at a time. Omar is director of La Casa Ninfa, a non-profit center in Lima that promotes yoga, healing, and the arts. He also founded a non-profit called la Fundación Yoga Perú. Our retreat will actually involve some volunteer work and donations to his incredible foundation that is spreading a message of love and peace to underprivileged populations in Lima and around Peru.

Jose Antonio is a musician, yogi, storyteller, and traveller. He is originally from Lima and will be showing us around his magnificent city. Lima is filled with sacred ruins, some even from pre-incan civilizations. With Jose, we will be in very good hands.

Sign-up for this retreat has passed.


Pay in full by May 1, 2015 – $1795 USD.
Pay in full after May 1, 2015 – $1995 USD.


Pay the non-refundable deposit of $500 USD to secure your spot in the retreat.
Pay the remaining balance of $1295 USD by May 1st, 2015, to secure early bird pricing! If remaining balance is paid in full after May 1, 2015, your total payment would be $1995 USD instead of $1795 USD.