October 2 -10, 2015



The Nourishing Cleanse Retreat is an 8-day journey of mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation and transformation.  The team has worked to create a trip and program that will serve each person on their quest towards optimal health.

The Nourishing Cleanse program is currently used across the country by people who are looking to reset their physical bodies and attract more health and vibrancy in all areas of their lives.

The Sacred Valley of Peru is the perfect location for our cleanse. The mountains (Apus) provide us not only with a beautiful backdrop, but also with highly powerful healing energy to assist us in the work we will do together. We also have the good fortune of visiting the sacred and world-famous site of Machu Picchu during our 8 days together.

All meals will be prepared in a nutrient-dense, WAPF-approved tradition.

We hope you will join us in October for the Nourishing Cleanse´s first international departure!

What to Expect?

Arrival And Departure Information

Our journey will begin with our arrival to Lima on the 2nd of October 2015. We will only be staying in Lima for one night, passing through the bustling capital city on our way to the Sacred Valley outside of Cuzco. The retreat will end just over a week later on the 10th of October in the Sacred Valley.

International Flight

All guests should plan on buying their own international flight. Once you sign-up and pay your deposit to reserve your spot in the retreat, you should book your international flight and send Sacred Retreats your flight number. We will arrange airport pick-up for you on the evening of the 2nd. The majority of flights for the States arrive late at night so we´ll bring you straight back to the hotel for some rest before our journey to the Sacred Valley the next day.

After The Retreat

After the retreat, some people may choose to continue travel in Peru or some may go back to the States. We will travel as a group from Lima to the Sacred Valley so the round-trip, domestic flight in Peru is included in the total trip price. If you plan to go back to Lima, we´ll book your return flight to Lima on the 10th. If you plan to stay longer in the Sacred Valley, let us know, and we will adjust your return ticket to Lima accordingly.

Accommodations And Location

During our retreat we will be staying in the Sacred Valley of Peru near a tiny village called Huaran. Check out where we are staying here http://www.thegreenhouseperu.com. It is called the Greenhouse Peru and is an amazing retreat center located right in the middle of the Sacred Valley with easy access to Pisac, Cuzco, and Urubamba.

Mornings On The Retreat

  • We´ll start with a 1 hour 15 minute yoga class to get ourselves warmed up and grounded for the day.
  • After yoga we will eat our nutrient-dense breakfast.
  • Most mornings will be devoted to group activities to learn, connect, and grow in our knowledge or all things food, nutrition, detox, and mind-body health. Each guest will have a 1-on-1 consultation with Ron over the first 2 days of the trip. Your detox program will be individualized to meet your needs and goals for during the retreat and after the program in Peru is over.
  • When you´re not in a consultation with Ron, you will be with the group learning with Amanda about food, nutrient-dense cooking, detox nutrition, and incorporating all of these tools into our everyday lives.

Afternoon Activities – Design Your Own Trip

  • After our delicious lunch fare is eaten up, you can decide if you would like to stay at the retreat center for rest, reading, etc. or if you want to go out and about and explore the valley.
  • If you stay at the retreat center, there will be options to have local practitioners such as massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and other energy workers come in for private consultations for those guests who are interested. Each guest who does book extra services will be responsible for all fees related to those services. A more comprehensive menu offering will be provided upon sign-up.
  • If you choose to make your trip more active, you can choose from several adventurous outings. These will be of extra cost to each guest who decides to participate (budget around $50 per activity; more info upon sign-up. There will be one activity offered each afternoon. They may include horseback riding in the mountains, cycling, and trekking.
  • One day might feel more active. Another you might need more rest. Listen to your body and enjoy your time off!

Slower-paced Evenings

  • We´ll share our final meal of the day together at dinnertime.
  • Then we´ll sit in satsang (community) to learn about ways to detox mentally and emotionally and how to carry those techniques back into our lives at home. Some nights we will be practicing restorative yoga. Other nights we will learn about essential oils and self-massage. There are so many healing modalities to learn and they more you know, the better you can decide which one works for you.

Machu Pichu Excursion

Part of the retreat includes a whole day trip to Machu Picchu, a bucket list item that definitely can´t be missed on a trip to the Sacred Valley. Our schedule for that day will change a bit from the norm since it´s a whole day´s journey. (More details to come once you sign up!).

See You In Perú!

Our week will be a full and very authentic dive into the heart of Peru´s sacred healing energy. It will be a time to connect and support each other as we cleanse and make great shifts on all levels: mind, body, and spirit.

What’s Included:

  • Domestic airfare in Peru (you only buy the international flight)
  • All hotels and ground transportation in Peru
  • 3 nutrient-dense, whole foods meals a day
  • Emotional community and support during your cleanse
  • 1-on-1 consultations with our functional medicine practitioner and guide, Ron Bañuelos of www.healaustin.com  (This is a BIG deal!)
  • Daily nutrition and cooking classes on all topics detox, whole foods, and nutrient-density with Amanda Love of www.thebarefootcook.com (another BIG deal!)
  • All supplements needed for the detox program
  • Sacred Andean Sound Ceremony with Alfredo Najarro
  • Guided visit to Machu Picchu and other sacred sites in the Valley


Remember the domestic flight is on us, but you need to book your international flight to and from Lima!


Is my international flight included in the trip price? 

No you´ll have to buy your international flight to and from Lima.  We take care of your domestic flight so you don´t have to worry about transportation once you land in Lima. 

What travel documents do I need?

You will need to bring your passport with you on journey. US citizens do NOT need to apply for a visa before entering Peru. If you are citizen of another country, please check with your own country´s passport/visa requirements with regards to Peru. We recommend making a copy of your passport to leave at home with your family and a copy to bring with you in your suitcase. It´s also a good idea to have a waterproof passport case for storage during your travels.

What will I eat on my retreat?

For this retreat all meals will be prepared in accordance with the Nourishing Cleanse menu plan. The Nourishing Cleanse is a nutrient-dense, real food approach to detox which follows Weston A. Price Foundation guidelines for nutrition.

What will the weather be like?

Peru has a wide variety of climates, depending on the time of year and on the region of the country where you are traveling. Lonely Planet offers a comprehensive explanation of what you can expect weather-wise during your travels. Peru Weather. Peru will be entering springtime at the beginning of October. The weather should still be dry. The sun will be hot so bring a hat! Nights will be chilly so bring layers!

What if something comes up and I can´t make the trip last-minute?

For the Nourishing Cleanse Retreat, Sacred Retreats Peru requires a non-refundable deposit of 595 USD to hold your spot for all retreats. If you cancel before 60 days prior to the retreat, your trip will be refunded minus the 595 USD non-refundable deposit. If you cancel your journey within 60 days to the retreat, the cost of the trip will not be refunded but can be used as a credit for future travel with Sacred Retreats Peru. The non-refundable deposit is not part of that credit.

Should I bring cash?

It´s always a good idea to have extra cash on hand when you travel.  For the retreats you may want to buy snacks and souvenirs that are not included in our trip price. ATMS are widely available and make it easy to take out money. Check with your bank to see what your fees will be for international ATM withdrawals . Also, make sure your bank knows that you will be out of the country and to make a note on your account. It´s a good idea to leave the extra cards, like gas cards and store credit cards, at home. Streamline your wallet. If you have Bank of America, you can take out cash with no fees from Scotia Bank ATMS; they are all over Peru.

What about travel insurance?

Sacred Retreats Peru highly recommends buying a plan with World Nomads.







Katie is the founder of Sacred Retreats Peru and your trip organizer. Even though she was born a gringuita, she has a Peruvian soul and is looking forward to sharing the magic of the country with the retreat participants. Katie herself has lived and worked in Lima and knows the city well.


”…The retreat was the perfect balance of eating heathy Peruvian foods, a focus on my emotional and physical state all while enjoying the Peruvian culture. I would highly recommend participating in a retreat and hope to go on a future one!”

Mark C.

Austin, Texas

“I gained so much from this trip that was completely unexpected. I gained a greater appreciation and connection with Pacha Mama than I’ve ever had. I feel like I connected with some amazing people and left with new great friends that I want to stay in touch with.”

Andrew S.

Kalish Pracitioner, Austin, Texas

“A retreat of a lifetime. Went for the first time on vacation with people I did not know and came back home feeling like I had a new family of friends.”

Marcela A.

Realtor , Argentina

Please fill-out the sign-up form below and email it to katie@sacredretreatsperu.com. After that you can submit your payment for the retreat. You’ve got 2 payment options once you’ve decided to join us on this journey! Please reach out with any and all questions. We are here to support you.


When you make the payments through PayPal, be sure to note that the transaction is for services and not for goods. DON’T FORGET TO FILL OUT THE SIGN-UP FORM WITH YOUR PAYMENT! Thank You!


Pay in full by July 1st, 2015 and take $200 off your trip´s cost, whether you are booking a single, double, or quadruple room.

Single Room – $3950 USD.

Double Room (shared) – $3650 USD.

Quadruple Room (shared) – $3350 USD.

Pay in full by July 1st, 2015 and take $200 off your trip´s cost, whether you are booking a single, double, or quadruple room.

Single Room – $3950 USD.

Double Room (shared) – $3650 USD.

Quadruple Room (shared) – $3350 USD.


First, pay the non-refundable deposit of $595 USD to secure your spot in the retreat:

Then select your accommodations:

Single Room – Pay $1680 before 07/01/2015 and then the remaining $1680 before 08/01/2015.

Double Room – Pay $1530 before 07/01/2015 and then the remaining $1530 before 08/01/2015.

Quadruple Room – Pay $1380 before 07/01/2015 and then the remaining $1380 before 08/01/2015.

First, pay the non-refundable deposit of $595 USD to secure your spot in the retreat:


Single Room – Pay $1680 before 07/01/2015 and then the remaining $1680 before 08/01/2015.

Double Room – Pay $1530 before 07/01/2015 and then the remaining $1530 before 08/01/2015.

Quadruple Room – Pay $1380 before 07/01/2015 and then the remaining $1380 before 08/01/2015.

The registration period for this retreat has passed. Contact us for information on our next retreat.