Katie is the founder of Sacred Retreats Peru and your trip organizer. Even though she was born a gringuita, she has a Peruvian soul and is looking forward to sharing the magic of the country with the retreat participants. Katie herself has lived and worked in Lima and knows the city well.

Santiago is a teacher extraordinaire. He is from Spain and currently lives in New Orleans, LA where he teachers Spanish to students of all ages. Santiago is incredible at making complex subjects more understable, and he will be our grammar sergeant throughout the week, keeping us in check so that our oral Spanish improves, and we speak clearly and grammatically correct.

Omar is a fearless yogi changing the world one yoga class at a time. Omar is director of La Casa Ninfa, a non-profit center in Lima that promotes yoga, healing, and the arts. He also founded a non-profit called la Fundación Yoga Perú. Our retreat will actually involve some volunteer work and donations to his incredible foundation that is spreading a message of love and peace to underprivileged populations in Lima and around Peru.

Jose Antonio is a musician, yogi, storyteller, and traveller. He is originally from Lima and will be showing us around his magnificent city. Lima is filled with sacred ruins, some even from pre-incan civilizations. With Jose, we will be in very good hands.

Monica Corrado, MA, CNC is a traditional food chef, holistic Certified Nutrition Consultant, member of the Honorary Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and a professional member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. Monica’s primary intention is to inspire people to well-being. She does this both in her private practice and her Cooking for Well-Being classes. Monica is passionate about teaching people how to cook nourishing, traditional food as well as providing them with resources and tools to do so. Monica started a teacher training program in 2012, and has graduates in Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and throughout the US. For more information visit her website at